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Wholesale / Trade 

At Hamiltons Fish, we proudly support a variety of local businesses with our premium seafood products and services. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that we meet the specific needs of each industry we serve:

Pubs and Restaurants: Delight your menu with our diverse selection of fresh, sustainably sourced seafood, delighting your patrons with an in season special board.

Farm Shops: Enhance your product range with our high-quality fish, attracting more customers and offering a trusted local choice.

Food Service Wholesalers: Ensure a reliable and local supply chain with our consistent and fresh seafood, meeting your operational needs seamlessly.

Fishmongers: Expand your offerings with our wide range of own produced smoke fish, including our award-winning smoked haddock, helping you provide the best quality of produce to your customers.

Fish and Chip Takeaways: Our wide range of products are perfect for creating a variety of products such as rock and chips that keep your loyal customers coming back.

Retirement Homes: Provide nutritious, easy-to-prepare seafood options tailored to the dietary needs of your residents, ensuring they enjoy boneless, healthy and tasty meals.

Private Chefs: Impress your clients with our top-quality, locally caught seafood, perfect for crafting exquisite, custom meals that showcase your culinary expertise.

In addition to these tailored services, Hamiltons Fish also offers contract filleting and smoking services for other companies, providing customised solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Discover how our expertise and dedication to quality can benefit your business. Contact us today to learn more about our trade services and how we can support your needs.