Product code: TUR001
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Product Description:
Turbot is a flatfish that has a lean white flesh that has a fine texture and mild in flavour. The skin is edible, and quite tasty.

Serving Suggestion:
Can be fried, baked or grilled.

Fish sold per kilo. Please note fish are weighed before preparation.

2 x 500g Fish = £20.00kg
1 x 1kg Fish = £20.00kg
1 x 1.5kg Fish = £25.00kg
1 x 2kg Fish = £27.50kg
1 x 3kg Fish = £30.00kg

Code TUR001
Weight 1kg
Catch Area North East Atlantic
Catch Type Caught at Sea
Scientific Name Psetta maxima
Allergen Fish
Landed Brixham
Price per Kilo £20.00