Trio of Smoked Mackerel

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Trio of Smoked Mackerel

A trio of our Smoked Mackerel contains all three variteys that we offer. 

180g Plain smoked Mackerel, 180g Peppered smoked Mackerel & 180g Chilli smoked Mackerel.

We use fresh local Mackerel that arrive into us whole, we fillet them by hand, give them a quick soak in a brine and finally hot smoke them using Oak shavings. 

This gives a really nice flavour as well as keeping a soft texture. 

Cooked and ready to eat, Oak smoked in South Devon.

  • Catch area - North East Atlantic
  • Catch type - Caught at Sea
  • Scientific name - Scomber scombrus
  • Allergen - Fish
  • Ingredients:
  • Plain = Mackerel (FISH), Salt.
  • Peppered = Mackerel (FISH), Cracked black pepper, Salt.
  • Chilli = Mackerel (FISH), Crushed dried red chillies, Salt.

Product Code PLAMAC
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