Spiced Hot Smoked Salmon - 170g

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Spiced Hot Smoked Salmon - 170g

Our own Spiced Hot smoked Salmon, we use our fresh Scottish Loch Duart Salmon that arrive into us whole, we fillet them by hand, give them a quick soak in a brine, cover in herbs and spices and finally hot smoke using Oak shavings. 

This gives a really nice flavour as well as keeping a delicate but firm texture. 

Cooked and ready to eat, Oak smoked in South Devon.


  • Catch area - United Kingdom
  • Catch Type - Farmed
  • Scientific name - Salmo salar
  • Allergen - Fish
  • Price per kilo - £40.00kg
  • Ingredients - Salmon (FISH), Salt, Garlic powder, paprika, Basil, Parsley, Cayenne pepper, Black pepper, Sugar.
Product Code SPICSAL
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