Rainbow Trout - Farmed

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Rainbow Trout - Farmed

Rainbow Trout is a popular fresh water fish, with its rainbow colours on a shiny skin and high in omega oils. Trout can be used as an alternative to Salmon. 

Can be grilled, poached or perfect on the barbecue.

All of our Trout are fresh and are suitable to home freeze. If you would like to freeze our fresh fish we recommend placing in the freezer on the day of delivery and consuming within three months.

  • Catch area - United Kingdom
  • Catch type - Farmed
  • Scientific name - Onchorhynchus mykiss
  • Allergen - Fish
  • Price per kilo - £15.00kg

Scientific Name Oncorhynchus mykiss
Allergen Fish
Price per Kilo £12.00
Product Code TRO
Weight 0.3kg