Osietra Caviar - 30g

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Osietra Caviar - 30g

Imperial Oscietra Caviar can be dark grey olive to medium brown with a full-size roe, firm texture yielding a creamy flavour on the palate, cosseting the taste buds with a wonderful lingering nutty flavour. This Caviar is supplied to Michelin Star restaurants due to its great texture, reasonably large roe and delicate flavour.

This caviar has one of the most interesting flavours, lightly salted at 3.5% “Malossol”. The Acipenser Schrenckii Daricus fish weighs about 25 kilos at 9 years old producing 4 kilos of Caviar with roe size approaching 3.4mm in diameter. The Russian Sturgeon Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii Sturgeon weight under 20 kilos with 3 kilos of Caviar Roe size 3mm to 3.2mm diameter.

Ingredients: Sturgeon roe (FISH) 96.5%, Salt, E285.

Product Code CAVOSI
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