Oak Smoked Salmon - 450g

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Oak Smoked Salmon - 450g

We only use the finest superior grade Loch Duart Scottish Salmon ensuring the quality is always outstanding.

The Salmon arrive to us in south Devon whole but gutted and are filleted and trimmed by hand. We use traditional methods to cure and use Oak shavings during the smoking process, we then slice the salmon by hand leaving a slice that is clear of any dark pieces leaving only the finest smoked Salmon.

Try rolling some smoked salmon filled with cream cheese.


  • Catch area - Scotland
  • Catch type - Farmed
  • Scientific name - Salmo salar
  • Allergen - Fish
  • Landed - Scotland
  • Price per kilo - £60.00

*In rare cases outside of our control, if Loch Duart are unable to supply our Salmon we will source from other suppliers. 

Product Code SMKSAL
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