Naturally Smoked Whiting - Portions

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Naturally Smoked Whiting - Portions

With its delicate fine flaky flesh, it is just bursting with flavour, perfect as a substitute for smoked Haddock. 

Produced in our own smokehouse in South Devon, smoked traditionally using Oak shavings with no need for added colourings. Wild caught and filleted by hand a true taste of a great quality Fish.

Available most of the year round.

Why not try smoked Whiting with creme fraiche, chive and butter sauce.

  • Catch area - North East Atlantic
  • Catch type - Caught at Sea
  • Scientific name - Merlangius merlangius
  • Allergen - Fish
  • Price per kilo - £22.00kg
  • Ingredients - Whiting (FISH), Salt.

Product Code SMKWHI
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