Monkfish - Wild - 350g

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Monkfish - Wild - 350g

Monkfish is a white meaty fish with a firm texture, popular in top restaurants around the UK. It use to be thrown back by fisherman but is now a favourite, earning fishermen a higher price than ever before. 

It is excellent to bake whole with the bone in, or filleted and wrapped in Prosciutto or perfect to be used in a fish curry. 

All of our Monkfish are fresh off the boats and are suitable to home freeze. If you would like to freeze our fresh fish we recommend placing in the freezer on the day of delivery and consuming within three months.

  • Catch area - North East Atlantic
  • Catch type - Caught at Sea
  • Scientific name - Lophius
  • Allergen - FISH
  • Price per kg - £25.00

Product Code MNK5L
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