Luxury Prime Fish Box - 20 Portions

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Luxury Prime Fish Box - 20 Portions

Luxury fish box

A selection of the finest prime fish caught locally and landed in Brixham. You can not beat the top quality prime fish that is landed in Brixham daily!

Luxury Prime fish box contains:

1 x 1kg Fresh Brixham Turbot

1 x 1kg Fresh Brixham Brill

4 x 250g Fresh Brixham Dover sole

4 x 250g Fresh Brixham Monkfish

4 x 250g Fresh Brixham Lemon sole

Prepared to your requirements, Please note, items are weighed before preparation.

In rare cases due to issues caused by bad weather etc, different size fish may be used, but you will always receive at least the advertised weight.

Allergen Fish
Product Code LPFB
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