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Introducing our Hake fillet, a popular choice among seafood enthusiasts due to its delicate texture and sweet, subtle flavour. Our Hake is responsibly sourced from the South coast of England and landed at the renowned Brixham fish market. We take pride in selecting our Hake for its quality and freshness, ensuring that it meets our high standards.

Our Hake is MSC approved, which means it comes from a sustainable fishery that meets rigorous environmental and social standards. This ensures that not only is the Hake of the highest quality, but it is also ethically and environmentally responsible.

Hake fillets are versatile and can be prepared using a variety of cooking methods, including grilling, baking, frying, and smoking. With its mild flavour, it pairs well with a range of herbs and spices, making it a great choice for a variety of dishes.

At our fish market, we are dedicated to providing our customers with only the freshest and highest quality Hake fillets. Whether you're cooking for a special occasion or a weeknight dinner, our Hake fillets are sure to impress. So why not try our delicious Hake fillets and taste the quality and freshness for yourself?

All of our Hake fillets are fresh off the boats and are suitable to home freeze. If you would like to freeze our fresh fish we recommend placing in the freezer on the day of delivery and consuming within three months.


Catch Area
North East Atlantic
Catch Type
Caught at Sea
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Free delivery on orders £60+

Hake Fillet - kg

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Wild Caught

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