Fresh Devon Lobster - 850g - 1kg

Product code: LOBS-L
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Fresh Devon Lobster - 850g - 1kg

Whole cooked fresh Lobster. 

Fresh whole Lobster, pot caught in the waters around south Devon. The Lobster will be weighed before they are cooked, they will lose approximately 20% in weight when cooked. 

  • Catch area - North East Atlantic
  • Catch type - Pot caught at sea
  • Scientific name - Nephropidae
  • Allergen - Crustacean
  • Price per kg - £45.00kg

(Weighed and priced before being cooked)

Please note that Lobster availability can change from day to day depending on local fishing conditions - If you require a Lobster for special occasion please speak to us in advance as we can always source one ahead of time and freeze it for you to make sure you don't miss out. 

Product Code LOBS-L
Weight 1kg